About Me

who is WhereKristinGoes?

Inspired by the world around me, my name is Kristin and I am a 20 year old currently residing in Toronto, Canada. I am a student studying Social Work, trying to live each day like it's my last. 
I'm an overachiever with a lust for life and cheesy romantic comedies. I spend majority of my time developing new interests and hobbies. I live to learn. Whether it's learning the ukulele, long boarding, slack lining. I do it all. Currently I am mastering the art of knitting.  
What else? 
 Yoga. Running enthusiast. Book worm. Nutrition nut. Baker. Daydreamer.

What to expect from My Blog?

This is a lifestyle blog. A documentation of my life. You will find an assortment of posts from where I've travelled, what I've cooked..and maybe even some motivational pick-me-ups from time to time.

Welcome to my life, and enjoy the ride!


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